Alliance Accreditation t/a EventHub was formed in 2014 by it’s 3 partners , Mike Lord, Brian Jackson and Stephen Wall in response to the need for more electronic solutions into the eventing industry.

Together they have more than 50 years’ experience in the events industry. Alliance Accreditation trading as EventHub prides itself in offering vital services to event organisers enabling them to profitably, effectively and safely manage the patrons and crew that come to their events.

We presently offer a Working Crew Accreditation and Management portal which enables the event organiser to accurate establish who is working on site during their event, a Photo Accreditation platform which is used to accredit sponsors, media and VIP’s at an event, an Access Control ticket scanning solution including the printing of live armbands for use at the entrances of an event and now a platform for the selling of premium parking tickets to event patrons including the scanning and verification of those tickets on site on the day of the show.